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In contrast to other matchmakers, we combined modern approach of psychology – behaviorism with AI to find dates


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For singles looking for a new, effective approach to dating, Clickdate is the perfect place to begin. We are a new matchmaking site that matches singles based on a deeper level. We look to create long-lasting love connections by using a modern approach to psychology. We do this by analyzing behavior. By doing it differently, we feel that these connections are stronger and more meaningful. We are not one of those free online dating sites that don’t provide assistance. We don’t expect you to just swipe right and left in the hopes that someone will respond. We have an innovative approach to matchmaking as compared to other dating sites.

Why is ClickDate Different from other Free Online Dating Sites?

We are different because we match singles in relationships that have real meaning. Instead of giving you pages of questions to answer upon registration, we analyze every click that is made to interpret your matches based on your preferences and statistics. By making matches based on your behavior, we know what you are looking for in real life. The people that we match you up with truly complement your personality, giving you a real shot at love that lasts forever.

ClickDate Is A Completely Free Online Dating Site

We want singles to get on board! Other sites take your credit card information and leave you to navigate hundreds, if not thousands of profiles on your own. That is not the way to find your perfect match. Our system works with users to determine if they have created an accurate profile. Who you see online is who you will meet in real life. With ClickDate, you get all of this, and best of all, there is no cost!

The ClickDate Behaviorism Is Based On Intelligent Dating For Singles

There is a unique approach to the psychology behind our matchmaking system. With other dating sites, you are expected to create an attractive profile to be able to catch someone’s attention. We eliminate this process by analyzing your preferences, and those of all potential partners. On other sites, users fill in their profiles with inaccurate information. Many people tend to present themselves in a way that they want others to see them. Sometimes, users’ profiles do not reflect who they really are. At ClickDate, you will answer a few simple questions. You specify your main « want/don’t want » and « important/not important » traits, and we do the rest. Users don’t waste their time communicating with people who they are not compatible with. At ClickDate, you find true matches.

ClickDate Is An Intuitive App That Guides You Through The Steps To Have A Perfect Date

With ClickDate, dating is fun! You are looking for true love, and so are your matches. By combining behaviorism with artificial intelligence principles, we learn what you are looking for in a relationship. By analyzing every step of the communication process, our system knows when you are ready for that first meeting! You and your match can set up a first date via Foursquare. When you meet your match, you’ll find that he or she is a great partner for you, laying the foundation for a lasting relationship.

Don’t Wait, Start Right Now!

What are you waiting for? With ClickDate, there is no reason why you shouldn’t find your perfect match. We are an honest, realistic site, and we want you to find true love. Meet other singles, and take the first step in changing your status from « Single » to « Taken » when you register with ClickDate!

French Dating Site: Choose the Right Dating Site

Are you having no luck finding the right person for you on your own? Are you looking for French dating site?

Today with dating sites, you’ll have the opportunity to meet any other Hispanic individuals in your area and have Hispanic dating. Choosing the right online dating site can be a challenge. Follow these tips and you will have an unforgettable date.


In most Latin communities, family is of the utmost importance. Enter into a relationship with respect for the family you’re about to join. It’s important that you learn to honor that relationship and embrace his/her family. In French dating, family will always play an important role.

Take it Slow

Before you make any smooth moves on your date, acknowledge that some Hispanic daters may have traditional, stricter dating rules and expect certain restraint or dating etiquette. Show respect for one another’s boundaries. Stereotypes can be dissected and trust established when a relationship is entered with defined intentions and with respect.


They are loud talkers and they are enthusiastic. No need to jump back in fear or worry that they are upset. They are just making a point enthusiastically. When you really need to worry about is when they are quiet. That’s when you know there will be hell to pay later.

The Long Goodbye

You need to start saying goodbye 45 minutes to an hour before you attempt to leave a French family party. That’s just industry standard. There’s a lot of cheek kissing, half-started conversations that will require a proper ending and ‘tías’ and ‘tíos’ that will be offended if you don’t say ‘hasta luego’.

Of course any relationship involves compromise. Your French sweetheart will have to remember that expressing extreme emotions can be terrifying to your family, that not everybody wants a hug and a kiss goodbye.

Keeping things fresh is easy and learning from one another is thrilling and fun.